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Today's training session:

Skill Training Phase

1 v 1

Kumpulan umur: 9 - 12 years old

Online coaching and training
S2S is an online coaching and training platform. Here internet is applied to create an interactive meeting place for coaches, players, parents and managers to improve the quality and efficiency of coaching and training.
Grassroots Curriculum
As part of the new AFC Grassroots Course for age groups 8 - 12 years, AFC and S2S has also prepared an online Curriculum version for the same age groups. The Curriculum will be available online on web and mobile.
AFC and S2S cooperation
AFC and S2S started cooperation already in 2004. AFC saw the potential of internet in coaching and education. Since that time more than 50 courses in online coaching have been arranged for coaches from all over Asia.
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Find your closest academy